Hollywood Pie brings forward the idea of a one-stop destination for entertainment-loving minds changing the landscape of the Hollywood industry reporting. We deliver stories that matter, gossip that’re highlighted, and we serve the reflection of the celebrity universe that pops-up in our daily lives with inspiration and fun.

  • Our Goal

    Entertainment is the glimmer that sparks up people and we, at Hollywood Pie aim to creative reporting and classic creations that will humble your mind and heart.

  • Our Promise

    To deliver pop-culture Hollywood stories that matter.

  • Our Vibe

    We are a team of young enthusiasts with a pop-culture perspective aspiring to create global media infotainment.

  • Our Essence

    In this era of pilates and lattes, there’s a breath of bliss we all need to catch. At Hollywood Pie, we want that bliss to be of your kind.