Matthew Mitchell 30 Jan, 2019 13:01 73084 24

22 Bizarre Hollywood Controversies That Shocked The Whole World

Yes, a lot of unwanted things took place. 

Hollywood is an interesting place; you will always find something going around that can leave you surprised. For instance - Tory Lanez is currently trying to call every big name in the hip-hop industry in order to prove that he's the greatest. Tory and Don Q are going against each other for now, and it is expected that some more people will get involved. But, this ain't a controversy, right? I know rap is considered a verbal sport. But, a lot of times, these things become controversial forever because of the things being said by artists.

Just like this, Hollywood had seen many controversies over the years. In this story, we will be counting down some of the most bizarre ones. Have a look!